Community partners such as educators and health providers play a critical role in recovery, as they are often the first touchpoints for young people seeking support.

Connecting a young person with coordinated specialty care

Michigan Coordinated Speciality Care (CSC) teams, called NAVIGATE and ACT Early, specialize in early psychosis, and are trained to support young people in reaching their individual goals and needs. Care at Michigan’s CSC programs is offered regardless of insurance or ability to pay, and involves therapy, peer support, support with school and/or work, and sometimes, medications. Specialty care also includes the whole family, as well as friends and other chosen family who the young person selects to be a part of their recovery journey.

Signs of early psychosis can look and feel different for each person, but a few indicators that a young person may benefit from professional support include:

  • Withdrawing from friends, family, typical activities and social events
  • Having sudden trouble focusing, organizing thoughts, or understanding what others are saying
  • Seeming confused about which events are real and imaginary
  • Seeing or hearing things that others cannot
  • Thinking that others are watching or talking about them

If you are concerned about a young person who is experiencing any one of these, a CSC team can partner with you to engage them and their family, assess for psychosis, and guide them through appropriate next steps.


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An important part of our work is educating our community and letting people know help exists, and it exists early on. It is not something someone has to endure alone.

– Elizabeth Peralta, Individual Resiliency Therapist, Lansing team

When we saw our daughter struggling, we were just so confused and scared, because we were dealing with something we didn’t understand. NAVIGATE was the first place that included her on all the decision making about her treatment.

– Kathy, parent of NAVIGATE Program Participant


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Families, educators, health providers, and community spaces such as faith centers are often the first touchpoints for young people seeking support for mental health concerns. Growing awareness about the power of early intervention for psychosis and how to gain rapid access to services can make a big difference in the lives of young people.

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