Featured Resources

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite resources that have helped us gain a better understanding of what we’re going through, and feel connected to others on the healing journey.

Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Stories from NAVIGATE program participants and their families

Hear from local participants, family members, and team members as they reflect on the journey through recovery.  

Psychosis 101

A comprehensive overview of what it’s like to experience psychosis, risk factors, screening, diagnosis, coping strategies, and the recovery journey.

Understanding “Psychosis” video

This video by the British Psychological Society can help you understand what psychosis is, what it may feel like, and things that can help.

I began to learn to ask for help. It’s really beneficial to talk with someone who has that lived experience – who actually has had psychosis.

– NAVIGATE Program Participant

I was going to the [Navigate] meetings and talking with people. That was the best decision I ever made. They believed in me, and that gave me faith to believe in myself.

– James, NAVIGATE Program Participant

Just because you had psychosis, doesn’t mean you can’t live a rich and meaningful life.

– NAVIGATE Program Participant

Resources for Friends & Family

Skills training for relatives and friends

Psychosis REACH is a training that offers concrete, evidence-based skills for relatives and friends of individuals with psychotic disorders to better care for and relate to their loved ones.

Understanding “Psychosis”: A guide for young people & their supporters

This guide by the British Psychological Society can help families better understand what psychosis is and how to support someone.

A sibling’s guide to psychosis

Information and support for teens and young adults who have a sibling experiencing psychosis.

When we saw our daughter struggling, we were just so confused and scared, because we were dealing with something we didn’t understand. NAVIGATE was the first place that included her on all the decision making about her treatment.

– Parent of NAVIGATE Program Participant

This program helps the whole family unit to heal. And when the whole family is healthier, then the participant is healthier. So long term, the prognosis is much better for everyone.

– Keela, Family Peer Partner

Resources for Providers & Partners

NAVIGATE: A model of care for psychosis

Learn about NAVIGATE, the comprehensive care program designed to provide early and effective treatment for psychosis. Many Michigan specialty care teams follow the NAVIGATE model.

Psychosis Screening for Providers

An online resource for primary care and other providers to learn how to identify early psychosis, communicate effectively with patients, and connect young people to appropriate care.

Understanding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis

A review of CBTp, an evidence-based talking therapy that concentrates on how an individual’s thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are connected.

If you are working with a young person who may be experiencing early psychosis, we are here to help connect you to information and care. Fill out our referral form to ask questions and request follow up. 


I love being able to help people and I can think of no better way to do that that to give back to our community through the work that I do by helping people achieve the best quality of life possible.

– Duren, Prescriber, Southfield


I hope to help individuals discover their resilient qualities to pursue their goals, despite the circumstances they may be experiencing. I hope to create a safe environment where these experiences can be processed and wellness can be pursued.

– Lorissa, Individual Resiliency Therapist, Grand Rapids team

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